Less fluid, feel lighter


Less fluid, feel lighter.

Dietary supplement with Birch lymph and plant extracts. Birch and Lespedeza promote body fluid drainage, urinary tract function, and body purification function. Goldenrod, Pilosella, Horsetailand and Orthosiphon also help to drain body fluids.

Dandelion roots and Tamarind fruit pulp help to regulate bowel movements.

When to use it

Recommended for draining excess fluid and eliminating the accumulation of toxins. Helps reduce bloating and promotes bowel and bladder function.

How to use it

One 20 ml measure per day, diluted in a large glass of water or a bottle of water to drink as needed during the day, preferably between meals.

What it contains

Birch sap, birch leaves, hawkweed, orthosiphon, tamarind, dandelion, golden rod, horsetail, lespedeza.


Gluten and lactose free. Suitable for vegans.
Pineapple flavour. Sweetened with steviol glycosides extracted from stevia, date juice and apple juice.
Read the instructions on the package.

How it works?
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Average Contenst 20 ml
Birch Sap 200,0 mg
Birch leafs d.e. titr. with 2,5% in iperoside 150,0 mg
Pilosella herb d.e. titr. with 1% in vitexin 110,0 mg
Orthosiphon leafs d.e. titr. with 0,2% in sinensetin 100,0 mg
Tamarind juice concentrate 100,0 mg
Dandelion root d.e. titr. with 20% in inulin 60,0 mg
Goldenrot with flowers d.e. titr. with 6% in iperoside 40,0 mg
Horsetail d.e. titr. with 1% in silica 40,0 mg
Round Headed Bush Clover d.e. titr. with 4% in rutin 40,0 mg


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