Special 50

Although it is true that every company is made up of people, it is equally true that Bios Line is made of special people who love their work. They know they need to create an idea and keep it alive, they know they need to perceive and transmit sensitivity to health and wellbeing in constant evolution to the products, they know they need to explore the infinite resources of the herbal universe. This is why we need people who are prepared, curious, rigorous and enthusiastic at the same time.

The company has about fifty employees, many of whom have degrees in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biology and Herbal Medicine. In actual fact, they are at the heart of a large network, fuelled by collaboration with university research centres and daily interaction with external consultants such as naturopaths, nutritionists and dieticians, chemists and traditional and non-traditional doctors.

All this ensures a steady flow of ideas, fostering the creation of innovative and increasingly effective formulations.