Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Properties - Centripura

But don’t fruit and vegetables lose their properties this way?

Centripura uses natural fruit and vegetable extract obtained with innovative technologies that maintain the nutritional properties of the fresh ingredients unchanged.

Combine tastes - Centripura

But can they be used at the same time? For instance, an invigorating Centripura in the morning and a draining one in the afternoon?

Yes, you can take up to 2 sachets of Centripura a day no problem (of every individual recipe or mixing them).

Lose weight - Centripura

Is it used to lose weight?

Centripura is not a supplement used to control weight. It contains natural extracts from fruit and vegetables to dissolve in water and drink as a fresh smoothie. The taste is good and appeasing, and for this reason it is ideal as a “nibble” at any time of the day.

Calories - Centripura

How many calories are there in a Centripura sachet?

Approximately 20 calories.

Juices or Centripura? - Centripura

What’s the difference between Centripura and packaged juices?

Centripura are totally different from packaged juices.
Centripura contains fruit and vegetables natural extracts, without any treatment or added substance.
On the other hand, preserved juice is extracted from fruit and vegetables but undergoes preserving treatments – for instance with heat that destroys nutritional substances – and very often other processes, with the addition of sugar and preservatives.

Good for - Centripura

Who is Centripura good for?

For children
Many are the children that do not eat raw vegetables and can therefore benefit from the fruit and vegetables in Centripura. It can be administered as a drink or together with a vegetable soup, milk or other liquids. Slowly the child will get used to the taste and will spontaneously wish to eat raw vegetables.
For those who wish to improve their health
For those who exercise
For old or debilitated people. Centripura is recommended for old or tired people with digestive or chewing problems.
To complete breakfast replacing the fruit juice.
While travelling, when it is difficult to get fruit and vegetables.
For those who love homemade smoothies and don’t want to give them up when they are away from home.

Diet - Centripura

Can Centripura replace the fruit and vegetables in my diet?

Centripura is a food supplement, therefore it must not be considered as a replacement for fruit and vegetables that must be taken with the diet, but as a complement enriching your diet with specific functions.

Take it - Centripura

How do I take Centripura?

Centripura contains no preservatives: once reconstituted in water, air, light and heat destroy its active ingredients in a very short time. So it has to be taken straight away!
It is also important to drink Centripura slowly: a Centripura reconstituted in water is a very concentrated supplement: it cannot therefore be swallowed as if it were water, but must be sipped to maximize its properties and prevent bloating. Moreover, this way you will appreciate its taste better!

HOW - Centripura

How do I prepare Centripura?

The quantity of water to dissolve Centripura in depends on subjective taste. It is however advisable to use no less than 120 ml, to avoid extracts from not rehydrating properly, and no more than 220 ml, to avoid them to be too diluted.
It is important to wait for a few minutes to let the natural extracts rehydrate; with a little patience, Centripura will be even tastier and more fragrant.

HOW MANY - Centripura

How many Centripura’s do I take a day?

There’s no maximum dose: we recommend 1-2 sachets a day.

WHEN - Centripura

When do I take Centripura?

Centripura is more effective on an empty stomach: between meals, or at least 15-20 minutes before.
If mixed with food, Centripura loses part of its detox and draining effect.

One of the best moments to take Centripura is in the morning, on an empty stomach, or as a snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon.
After the meal, Centripura helps reducing the desire for more food or something sweet.

Centripura quenches your thirst, nourishes and helps you keep your figure because it is extremely poor in calories. Centripura is a real concentrate of vitamins, mineral salts, polyphenols and other precious substances that are good for the whole body, without taking anything away from taste.